Unflavored Coffee

While flavored coffees are all the rage these days, there’s nothing quite like a traditional cup of coffee. If this is you, we have you covered, as well. Whether you prefer a more mellow coffee flavor or a stronger eye-opening cup of coffee, we have a number of varieties available that allow the true coffee flavor to stand out. Our unflavored coffees are available ground or as whole bean, and you can get any of these coffees as decaffeinated varieties. If you have any questions about our unflavored coffees, please contact us.

All coffee is priced at $8.00 for a half pound bag, or $12.00 for a one pound bag.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Guatemala Light Roast Coffee

A full-body, rich chocolate notes.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Sumatra Mandheling

Sumatra has an earthy, chocolaty flavor and is considered to be among the finest beans available.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Brazilian Santos

A medium-light roast that yields a lowly acidic and light-bodied brew with fruity flavors.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Medium Roast

Full body with moderate acidity.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Dark Roast

Full bodied and strong to get your day started.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Italian Espresso

A heavy and rich dark roast coffee. Ideal for an espresso or as an iced coffee.

Perfect Blend Coffee
French Roast

These beans offer a rich and robust flavor Perfect for your morning cup.

Perfect Blend Coffee

Maturing in Kenya’s rich volcanic soil, these beans have a sharp, winey flavor with a distinct fruitiness that’s sure to excite the taste buds.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Costa Rican Tarrazu

This light roasted coffee is smooth with a sweet, fruity aroma. Its flavor profile is marked by subtle chocolate nuances paired with the delicate hint of citrus.

Perfect Blend Coffee
Colombian Supremo

Medium bodied and sweet tasting with a rich flavor and aroma.

Please contact us and let us know about how we can help give you a different coffee experience.

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