Price Increase

Dear Perfect Blend Coffee Customers,

We continue to enjoy great successes working together and truly appreciate your business!

We remain competitive in the coffee industry for our service quality that ensures the best possible results for our customers, and we are making changes to become more consistent with industry standards by continuing to provide a high-quality product that you expect from our brand.

We continue to provide the following services:

  1. A great blend of coffee beans
  2. High quality and premium taste
  3. Our exceptional customer service

Effective January 5th, 2022, we will be increasing the price of our product as we shift to improve our brand in order to implement some exciting new changes. All varieties of coffee we offer will now be $6.50 for a half pound and $12.00 for a full pound. You can expect the same premium service that you have been accustomed to and these adjustments will help with our overhead to make the following improvements:

  • New website for more user-friendly processing.
  • New packaging redesign.
  • New pricing and quantity adjustments to remain comparable with industry standards.
  • Introducing new flavor of the month features.

We are excited to continue to work to provide our customers with a different coffee experience!